SLC (Security Clearance Level)
Security Clearance Levels entitle operatives to information, recognition and power. The starting operatives always enter SLA Industries at SCL 10. This entitles operatives to certain rights and laws that do not apply to the general public.

SLA Operative
A freelance piece worker that provides SLA Industries with a variety of services. SLA operatives have a broad spectrum of functions and labels within the progressive structure, many act as internal investigators and combat operatives while others enlist as counter-espionage agents and corporate administrators. Operatives are paid generously for their efforts to maintain SLA Industries as the prime Suppressor Power.

Cloak Division
SLA Industries’s internal police force

BPN’s (Blueprint News Files)
These are missions and assignments issued by the varying heads of departments within the corporate structure of SLA Industries.

A BPN File is a small blue card that reads the basic objective of the mission, the SCL requirement, the experience and training packages required from the applying operative and the consolidated payment offered upon completion of the BPN.

To date there are ten color code variants which are as follows:

BLUE -Street Maintenance
Suppressing urban and civilian disturbances, sewer clean-up and extermination of Carriens vermin. City control in its broadest terms.

WHITE -Investigation
Following up inquiries, investigating murder cases and serial killers. Analysis and observation of Downtown society and proceedings.

YELLOW -Retrieval
Investigate and recover stolen and missing SLA Industries property. Also comprises of the retrieval and restoration of present and ancient artifacts.

GREEN -Expeditionary
Mainly out of Mort Central -expedition into the furthest regions of Mort’s Cannibal Sectors. Rarely operatives may be offered off-world assignments and explorations.

RED -Emergency
Commonly known as ‘Red Alerts’; these are up to the minute combat situations that
need to be dealt with immediately i.e. DarkNight raids on Mort Central.

GREY -Cloak/Internal
These BPNs are designated solely to the uncovering and termination of operatives and employees who are traitorous or subversive towards the SLA regime: Perpetrators who have breached contract.

JADE -Ebon Related
These are SLA assignments of a purely Ebon nature. Such missions can involve tracking traitors and feral Ebons with little more than an Ebon sense as the single clue. Jade BPNs
require at least one Ebon in each group taking the file.

BLACK -Suicide Operations
‘Black Operations’ are among the most well paid and well televised assignments available. They are also the most fatal. Basically the operatives’ application for a Black operation places them in a suicidal predicament that, to an outsider, seems completely insane and impossible to survive or complete. The operatives are out-manned, outgunned and sometimes even outclassed. They can be thrown up against Rival Powersuits like the Thresher ‘Sarge’, sometimes entire Downtown gangs or even renegade Necanthropes,
but if the operatives can survive the unreasonable odds and look good on camera, they are
as good as made.

Silver BPNs encompass the media side of things and can comprise of public speeches or promotion. Caution must be taken when pursuing Silver BPNs as failure to meet their requirements for completion and success can cost the operative(s), and to some degree SLA Industries, dearly. Operatives must have smart wits and talk fast to succeed in a Silver BPN since the public is so impressionable, especially regarding mistakes.

PLATINUM -Head Office
Operatives cannot ask for Platinum BPNs -they can only be given to those whose experience, skill and reputation deserve it. These are the highest attainable BPNs as well as the most prestigious. Platinum BPNs are issued by Mr. Slayer personally and, as one can imagine, Mr. Slayer’s wishes cannot be refused. Platinum assignments are usually secret missions of an obscure and/or mysterious nature. Some operatives have left Platinum BPNs mentally scarred and unstable from history and information previously kept under wraps, even after success. Platinum missions are also very rare and are only open to those
of an extremely high SCL. Certainly not for the faint of heart.


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