LAD (Life After Death) not withstanding, everyone has a ticket that will get punched. In fact, in the World of Progress ‘Death by Nature Causes’ is generally seen as a mythical creature, or an inside joke. Everyone dies, everything breaks, and everything will be forgotten.

Except these guys. They are not just the little immortal (meaning ageless), but the Big Immortal (meaning they don’t die, period).

Mister Slayer
“A lithe, muscular 9’3” tall, he immediately reminds you of your father when you were a little child, stern yet caring, towering over you. His facial features are unsettling, even frightening; those catlike yellow eyes seem to bore into your soul. Like his razor-sharp teeth, his lithe fingers ending in talons, and his thick mane of white-streaked waist-length black hair, they seem to bring ancient predators to mind. His nasal opening, peeled back like a skull’s, inevitably reminds you of death. Yet this is a man who has conquered death completely."

He appears to be a male human of his early twenties, with exceptional beauty and grace. He is often described as “athletic, waif-like, and angelic”.

The leader of the Kilneck, and mysterious alien race that served as Mr. Slayer’s personnel bodyguards. He taught Senti how to harness Deathwake. He disbanded the Kilneck to prevent them from being put under Mr. Slayer’s – through Senti- biogenetics knife, and sent them into the Unknown Region of space.

He discovered and brought the Ebon into the World of Progress. He is treated like a Messiah by the Ebon.

When a larger number of people need to be slaughtered in a very public manner, Mr. Slayer sends Intruder. The end image is always the same: the pale, angelic Intruder standing alone on top a mountain of torn and shredded bodies, weeping unchecked tears for the dead.

Senti has the form of a young girl of 13, forever caught on the cust of womanhood. She dresses in typical goth clothing, ranging from black dresses to biker leathers, complete with spikes and chains.

She is also the head of Mr. Slayer’s Biogenetics, responsible for the ‘life generation’ technology that lead to the creation of Stormers.

She is skilled with Deathwake, and the only non Kilneck to have mastered its abilities.

Using Intruder as a template, she created Angel and Malice.

During the destruction at the end of the Conflict Wars, Senti managed to save the Wraith Raider species.

The first Necanthrope, he was formerly the ebon known as Durer. Durer had thrown himself into the White , attempting to commit suicide rather than to be parted with Draco, his ebon lover. When he returned from the White, he adopted the name Teeth, took his son from Draco, banished her from her race, and never looked back.

Teeth is defeinatley ageless, and since he is a necanthrope, it is assumed he is Immortal. None one has ever seen a necanthrope die, but it is noted that when one takes a significant amount of damage, no one sees that one again.

Former leader of the The House of the Black Church, a ‘native’ mercenary group that worked directly for Mr. Slayer. After being passed over for the Biogenetics Stormer project in favor of Intruder, he took the House of the Black Church and disappeared into the Unknown Region of space.

Rumors of Cadavar returning to the World of Progress abound, but no solid evidence has been located. It is assumed that he is only ageless and not truly Immortal, if he is in fac, back in Most’s sector of space.

Physically identical to Intruder except for his eyes. There one can seen the cruelty, the inhuman evil, and the uncompromisingly bitterness. He is a brutal, sadistic killer, lacking any compassion for life, mercy, or sympathy.

He and Intruder are never found anywhere near each other, and it is rumored that Intruder has tried to kill him more than once.

His Immortally is only assumed, due to his striking resemblance to Intruder.

Malice (Taarnish)
A seven foot monster, a beast bred for rigorous combat under the heaviest of conditions, Malice was Senti’s second creation and the template in which all Stormers are based off of.
He proved to be unquestionably loyal to Intruder, showing all the emotion that Angel lacked.

While he appears to be ageless, Malice does not show the same resilience that Intruder does. It could be that he is merely extremely tough.

Halloween Jack
Known as the most dangerous serial killer on Mort, Halloween Jack appears to be a tall, well built man dressed in leathers. His head is either a helmet shaped like twisted pumpkin-style skull with a fang laced grin, or it is a twisted pumpkin-style skull with a fang laced grin.

No one who gotten close enough to tell for sure and lived to say. Even the LAD has brought the answer; any who falls to his chainaxe has been killed in a manner that prevents resurrection.

It is unknown if he is truly Immortal or simple hard to kill. He never stays at the scene of his slaughter for long.

The first and most powerful of the Manchines, it resides in Cannibal Sector 1. Its ‘immortality’ is in question, but nothing (gunfire, bombs, buildings dropped on it) so far has done anything but slow it down.


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